What Kind of Reviews can get Removed from Yelp

As a business owner you might have heard all kinds of rumors associated with Yelp and what sort of customer testimonials can be removed. Yelp’s Content Strategies and Terms of Service nonetheless indicate many instances in which customer testimonials can be flagged for removal by company owners.

Whether you’re attempting to market your company in a review or somebody attempts to leave a review promoting their company in your Yelp page, marketing copy doesn’t belong in a Yelp inspection and will be flagged and removed. If you’re seeking to highlight the best features of your company on Yelp, consider alternatively sprucing up your organization profile page by uploading high quality photos in your Yelp company account or editing the”From the Company” section to add more information about your organization.

In that same vein your friends, relatives, or employees shouldn’t be leaving testimonials for your company in an attempt to improve your average review rating or number of testimonials.

What Kind of Reviews can get Removed from Yelp

Yelp will flag content that they deem irrelevant including present or ex-employee rants together with improbable or irregular customer experiences. Yelp describes it simply as”extraordinary circumstances” giving them some leeway for interpretation.

Yelp’s User Operations staff can eliminate customer testimonials that are written about someone else’s experience. (not the users encounter )

Yelp’s User Operations team can eliminate customer testimonials containing any type of written threat or hate speech. Yelp’s User Terms of Service classify this under their constraints to investigate any activities that”threaten, stalk, harm, or harass others, or encourage bigotry or discrimination.”

Yelp requests reviews don’t contain other people’s full names unless a individual’s full name is the name of their organization. A law firm’s business name containing a person’s full name would be fine, however a client mentioning the owner of a mechanic store’s full name could be flagged by Yelp. Yelp also requests users don’t post photos or videos which have other people on their website without said person’s permission.

Yelp can eliminate reviews copy and pasted from other websites or posted previously by another user together with reviews that violate any kind of intellectual property.

The Way to Flag Client Reviews For Removal On Yelp
Log in to your Yelp company account and see the Reviews section
Find the flag icon next to the review in question and click on to report the review
You will be asked to select the reason you want to report the review from a drop down menu
Yelp then asks that you state in writing how the Particular review violates Yelp’s content tips
Once reviewed by their User Operations team, you will get an e-mail notification depending on the email address used to maintain the Yelp profile.